Factory introduction

Tianfu group Tianjin Jiama Machinery Factory is committed to technological innovation of enterprises. 2004 day rich group invested 20 million yuan, the Tianjin Jiama Machinery Factory reorganization, management direction determined for the development of light oil submersible pump. Experts from more than twenty years engaged in R & D of submersible pump, its core technology is the development of electric submersible pump. Technical personnel are engaged in years of oil submersible pump design and development, manufacturing and quality control, technical skill of senior professionals. After nearly eight years of unremitting efforts, Tianjin Jiama machinery factory has made remarkable achievements. 2012 has been renamed Tianjin gamma electric submersible pump limited liability company. Our products have been registered "Guolu" trademark, was known as the "green card" submersible pump. Tianjin Jiama electric submersible pump Co., Ltd. has a number of its own patented technology, and achieved a "national industrial products production license", a "certificate of proof." Green brand submersible pump is listed as a research project in Tianjin City, and won the Tianjin independent innovation products certificate, the government has repeatedly received special funds to support. For eight years, the project has been Sinopec, PetroChina leadership encouragement and support: in Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, the organization held a "green brand submersible pump achievements appraisal meeting, the experts opinions is the performance indexes of the product reached the level of similar foreign products, can replace imported products" and "the achievements in technology reached domestic leading level". In 2011, the latest approved scientific research project "large flow submersible pump", to reach the international advanced level, has been recommended to the national Ministry of science and technology and project in Tianjin. In the high-speed Beijing Shenyang, Tianjin Bao Zhangshi high-speed, high-speed, iron towards the wide high-speed, high-speed use; Shanxi Province in Sinopec use; in the oil blue, Zheng, and grew up product oil pipeline across the board. Green brand submersible pump installed in the country hundreds of stations nearly four thousand submersible pump. In the north of China, Mohe to the north from the border 200 meters in the oil Alpine installation; in the south, Hainan Province, Changjiang sea end stations to install, installed in the southeastern coastal provinces have; in the west, Yunnan high altitude gas stations to install; especially in the vicinity of the equatorial tropical Angolan railway across the board. Submersible pump is a green card to all parts of the country and even the world slowly covered. And get Sinopec shortlisted qualification, has also been Zhengxing, token and three surplus, Furen hi tech, Rongxing, Jiali good refueling machine enterprise vigorously support, win the favor of more than 300 dealers in more than 20 provinces all over the country. Responsible person was elected as the deputy director of the National Federation of Petroleum Industry Association refueling equipment Specialized Committee in charge of technology enterprises in 2011. At present, Tianjin, electric submersible pump limited liability company has four independent workshop, each workshop is responsible for every key process. We vow to submersible pump product development as a leader in the industry. Our goal is to create China's own submersible pump! Green brand submersible pump product points for seven series: series of standards (gas stations), series of high head, large flow series, series of chemical, crane tube series, adaptive series, variable frequency series more than 100 kinds of models, and achieved a series of explosion-proof certificate. To refuel in Sinopec, PetroChina, highway, railway (issued column), depot, airport, railway trestle, wharf, shipbuilding, chemical plant (light flammable and explosive chemicals), power station, factory production line, etc., oil sites, as well as a large number of social gas station has been used widely in practice.

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